Who are we?

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Contact persons in the Department

Prof. Dr. K. Ackermann
Prof. Dr. J. Giehl
Study advisor
Prof. Dr. U. Martin
Ms. E. Kreuzholz
Heads of study courses
First Cycle advisor
Prof. Dr. H. Suhr
Head of Bachelor's Telecommunications/Electronics
Prof. Dr. U. Martin
Head of Bachelor's Computer Engineering
Prof. Dr. M. Damm
Head of Bachelor's Biomedical Engineering
Prof. Dr. W. Poppendieck
Head of Master's
Prof. Dr. E. Körner
Electronics Advisor for Bachelor's Mechatronics
Prof. Dr. U. Martin
Internship Office
Internship advisor MEB + NEB
Prof. Dr. F. Müller-Gliesmann
Internship advisor TIB
Prof. Dr. S. Feldes
Office: Departamental secretaryInternship advisor MTB
Prof. Dr. P. Barth
Coordinator for international relations and foreign students
Dipl.-Phil. Y. Mateos Ortega
President of the Examination Board
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