Our students

Our students as well as our alumni are the true soul of our Department. At this point, we can only put a face on a few of them. However, we would like to mention everyone – if only in passing…

In the current semester

… around 120 new students have taken up their studies.

Altogether, we have 730 registered students, 620 of them in the Bachelor programmes, and over 100 in the Master programme.

The share of female students lies at over 18% – mainly in Medical Technology and in the Master programme (nearly 14%).

Around 23% of our Bachelor students originate from another country, and over 30% have come directly from abroad for their international Master studies.

This semester, we have guest students from our partner universities in Brazil, France and Vietnam as well as scholarship students that are here within the framework of the binational promotion programme 'Science without Borders'.

In the laboratories

With over 70 student assistants each year, our department has the most student assistants at Hochschule Mannheim. In addition to that, we have around a dozen student tutors.

Numerous graduates are still active in the institutes as project team members for some time after their studies.

Doctorate candidates also work in our labs within the framework of cooperations (such as with the Mannheim University Clinical Hospital or with other universities).

Innovative projects, the best final exams, the best completion of the basic course, commitment outside of their technical field…

Again and again, students of our Department of Information Technology are awarded in various fields!


Graduation Party

Each year at the end of November, students organise a party, with which they say good-bye to the 'brand-new' graduates of all courses.