Research & Development

Core competencies

The scope of the Department is closely related to its research areas. A special area of application for all these competencies is Biomedical Engineering, which is also offered as a course of study in cooperation with Heidelberg University. more...

Fields of research

Electronics / Sensors / RF Technology

Capacitive and inductive sensors
Optics / optoelectronic sensors
Low-noise amplifiers
Organic Electronics, characterisation of components, design rules
Electronic manufacturing technologies

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Digital Signal and Image Processing

Forgery-proof methods: image processing, code recovering, epicode
Classification algorithms: spectra, acoustic signals, speech recognition, image processing
Digital transmission procedures

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Embedded Systems

Communication within and between vehicles

Signal-processing micro-processor applications

Autonomous navigation systems

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Biomedical Engineering

Bioelectric signals, blood pressure measurement, blood circulationOptic and inertial navigation of surgery instruments for minimally invasive procedures

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