Core competencies

A particular strength of our department lies in the very close practical orientation of theory and research. All professors of the department have many years of professional non-university experience. On the basis of their high-quality and state-of-the-art equipment, the institutes and laboratories offer the students a practically oriented learning and working environment in which to carry out their laboratory projects and final theses.

Our core competencies are the cornerstones of the study programmes – and with that of the engineer training – in the Department of Information Technology:

Circuit design and manufacturing

Development of sensor electronics and low-noise amplifiers including layout and the corresponding board manufacturing, partly with SMD components and reflow soldering. Development of low-noise electronics for signal capturing, e.g. biosignals in Biomedical Engineering.

Development and implementation of algorithms

Erkennung gefälschter Druckdokumente

Development of algorithms for pattern recognition, signal classification, interference reduction, speech processing and implementation in digital signal processors, graphic processors and FPGAs. Development of digital modulation procedures, e.g. for mobile communication and digital radio & TV.

Device control with Embedded Systems

Micro-processor controlled device construction and integrated signal processing, development of navigation systems, e.g. for Biomedical Engineering, application of real time systems e.g. for the automotive field.

Software Engineering

Object-oriented programming in C++, development of software architectures for large software packages through the use of linked data bases with high-speed sata transmission (Videostreaming), web apps programming through the use of data-security technologies.