What exactly is Information Technology?

Everyone is talking about IT, and when they do, they mean computers, servers, networks, and data services. Information Technology includes all that – and much more.

Information Technology is about the use of:

  • Computers
  • Micro-controllers
  • Embedded systems
  • FPGAs, DSPs
  • Digital electronics
  • ASICs
  • High-frequency electronics
  • Analogue sensor electronics

in technical equipment of all kinds:

  • Wireless data transmission: WLAN, TV, radio
  • Mobile phones and Smart-Phones
  • Navigation systems
  • Vehicles: Motor management, ABS, ESP, drive assistance
  • Domestic appliances, Telephones
  • Computed tomography
  • Magnetic resonance imaging
  • Intelligent sensors
… and many others

In each device, there is a microcomputer somewhere – even if you cannot see it!

Society’s current challenges can only be managed with a broad application of information technology:

  • For the turnaround to renewable energy in Germany, electrical power needs to be used intelligently through Smart Grids and an Internet of Things.
  • In regard to new mobility concepts, hybrid vehicles and electromobility are being developed, which also requires a smart energy management.
  • For our aging society, products of medical engineering, service robots and new assistance systems are being developed.