Manufacturing and Assembly Technology of Electronics

Prof. Dr. F. Müller-Gliesmann


50% lectures, 50% exercises

The lecture involves the fundamentals and actual manufacturing and assembly technologies of mass production. It include hybrid, surface mounted technologies (SMT) and printed circuit boards (PCB): e.g. reflow soldering, wave soldering, stencil printing, screen printing, pick & place, vapour phase soldering and bonding technology. It will be explained the difference between through hole technology (THT) and surface mounted technology (SMT) and specifically the paste and adhesion technology.

Furthermore the causality between the layout of printed circuit boards and the design to manufacturability (DFM) and to testability (DFT) will be inspected. The layout of a complete manufacturing and testing line will be discussed. The use and advantage of CAD/CAM data is part of the lecture.

An important subject is the technology change from SnPb to lead free products. The European legislation RoHs and WEEE required a lead free production process until July 2006. Lead and halogens were forbidden for electronics in Europe after July 2006.

Full version (in German)