Design of Integrated Circuits 2

Prof. Dr. J. Giehl


40% lectures, 20% exercises, 40% laboratory

MOSFET: IV-curve, transconductance, body effect, parasitic capacitances, SPICE-model, MOS as switch or current source, calculations by hand for dimensioning.

CMOS-Technology: Process technology, layout, design rules

CMOS-Gates: Inverter, NAND, NOR, Gate as driving circuit

Analogue Circuit Blocks: 1-transistor amplifier, complementary stage, current source, current mirror, source follower, cascode, differential pair

Advanced Analogue Circuits: 2 stage class-AB amplifier (dimensioning, stability, CMR, PSRR)

Circuit Simulation: MENTOR IC-Studio, DC-, AC-, transient and Monte-Carlo simulations

Circuit Design: simulation, matching

Practical courses: 8 courses 

  • Introduction to Mentor IC-Studio
  • Saturation operation of N- and PMOS-FET
  • MOSFET as switch
  • Dimensioning of transistors (transconductance, output resistance, saturation current)
  • CMOS-Gates
  • 1-transistor amplifier with current source or resistor
  • Current mirror and MOS diode
  • Operational amplifier 

Competences / Key Qualifications: dimensioning of circuits, simulation with circuit simulators, basics in circuits design, calculations by hand, pn-junction, MOSFET.

Students should learn to work with basic tools for designing of integrated circuits in CMOS technology. Therefore basic building blocks are explained.

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