Mobile Communications

Prof. Dr.-Ing U. Martin


80% lectures, 20% exercises

  • Introduction: history of mobile radio, systems, problems of mobile communications
  • Mobile radio channel: antennas, effects of wave propagation, path-loss prediction, log-normal fading, multipath fading, noise sources
  • Radio transmission: principles of digital modulation, special problems in radio systems, continuous phase modulation (CPM), Forney receiver for PAM and linearised CPM, MLSE equalization, MMSE channel estimation, frame and phase/frequency synchronization, spread spectrum modulation, spreading codes, rake receiver, OFDM and SC-FDE, concept of forward error correction and interleaving, diversity mechanisms
  • Cell nets: principles of cellular layout, planning aspects of cell netsular, cellular spectrum efficiency, multiple access and duplexing, handover
  • GSM: system architecture, protocol architecture, addressing, security, location maintenance, routing, handover, radio access, GPRS, EDGE (EGPRS)
  • UMTS terrestrial radio access: background, system architecture, UTRAN structure, protocol architecture, WCDMA radio access, cell search, paging, random access, handover, space-time transmit diversity, HSDPA
  • LTE (E-UTRAN): concepts, system architecture, radio access, radio procedures 

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