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Bachelor at Hochschule Mannheim

Doing your first degree course is a very different experience if you do it at a 'Fachhochschule'.

Small-sized groups, practical contents, a great amount of laboratory work included in the study modules and an early participation in research projects: all this really prepares you to fulfil professional tasks from the very start.

As a 'Bachelor of Science' graduate you can then continue with the Master's course and later on even with a PhD in cooperation with a university.

Course structure

Undergraduate studies at Hochschule Mannheim have a duration of 7 semesters (instead of only 6) and include an internship semester:

  • The first two semesters constitute the basic cycle and serve to acquire the necessary background in mathematics and physics and the basics of engineering and informatics.
  • The higher cycle (semesters 3, 4 and 6) is dedicated to specialization. By choosing electives, you can focus on certain issues or strengthen your individual profile.
  • The internship usually takes place in the 5th semester and provides the chance to put into practice what you have learnt so far and to experience the real life of an engineer.
  • And eventually the Bachelor thesis, which you accomplish as a guided yet autonomous project either in one of our labs or in a company.

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Comparing the courses of study

As an undergraduate student you can choose between:

Information Technology/Electronics focuses on the one hand in on sensors and high frequencies, and on the other hand in on digital electronics and microcomputer technology.

Computer Engineering is an interdisciplinary study programme which combines Informatics with engineering technology in order to develop specific software and hardware solutions for all fields of industry.

Biomedical Engineering combines skills from both areas and applies them in the medical and health field.

The interdepartamental programme Mechatronics results from the cooperation between the Departments of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Computer Sciences.

All degree courses are accredited.

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