BSc in Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is...

… an interdisciplinary course of study with a clearly practical orientation which aims at offering software solutions for multiple technical sectors and offers an exciting insight into today’s omnipresent systems, enabling our graduates to participate actively in the most diverse areas far beyond mere programming.

The following Master's degree course in Information Technology allows students to deepen or to broaden their spectrum of topics and fields of knowledge.

5 reasons to study Computer Engineering in our Department:

  1. These studies are characterized by promoting an excellent command of software, whereas a sound background knowledge of Physics, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering marks the difference to Computer Science.
  2. The focus areas include digital hardware, micro-computers, signal processing, computer networks, programming, software engineering, operation systems, and data bases.
  3. Besides data and system knowledge, the studies attach great importance to a sound competence in methodology.
  4. The study contents cover a wide professional field both in hardware equipment and computer science, and very specifically in the intersection of both areas.
  5. The clearly practical orientation of the studies, with laboratory trainings in nearly every module, reflects in the high acceptance of our graduates in the labour market, independently of the companies’ size: large enterprises and medium-sized firms, multinational corporations or tiny highly specialized producers of software or communication services.

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All branches of industry and service sectors offer positions in typical activities for our graduates, from networks and database over car infotainment to quality control in production processes or computer applications in building management or telecommunications.

Some examples for our graduates’ career entry:

  • VoIP: T-Systems
  • Mobile IP, VoIP y IPTV: NEC
  • Network control, online services for client communication: MVV
  • Car Infotainment: Harmann-Becker
  • Image processing in quality control: Freudenberg
  • Development of system software, computing centre: SAP
  • Web applications: Mannheimer Morgen
  • Distributed control systems and process control: Siemens
  • Machine management and on-board diagnostics: Bosch
  • Laboratory and process automation: BASF