BSc in Information Technology/Electronics

Information Technology and Electronics Engineering...

... comprises (micro-)electronics design and applications in information and automation technologies. This includes everything from data acquisition using measurement and sensor techniques to analogue and digital signal processing using electronic circuits, from those with simple transistors all the way to the most specific ASICs and processors.

The following Master’s degree course in Information Technology allows the students to deepen or to broaden their spectrum of topics and fields of knowledge.

5 reasons to study Information Technology and Electronics Engineering in our Department:

  1. Many-sided instruction during the course of study
  2. Exceeding versatility of our graduates
  3. Career opportunities in multiple areas: research, development, construction, production, assembling, supervision, quality control, consulting, marketing
  4. Indispensable positions in practically every company
  5. The multi-purpose contents of the studies and the professional career guarantee not only employability but also a wide variety of satisfactory individual choices.

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Wherever an electronic and/or communication device is in action, our graduates are needed. And since practically all branches of industry apply processes of control, regulation and automation, many of them are also employed in machine-building, chemical or food-processing companies.

Some examples for our graduates’ career entry:

  • Automation: Pepperl&Fuchs, Hima, Endress&Hauser, Omnitron, SEW Eurodrive
  • (Radio) transmission: Plisch, Checkpoint, Rhode&Schwarz, Panasonic, Siemens
  • Automobile electronics: John Deere, Bosch, Continental, Audi, Daimler, Bertrandt, Magnete-Marelli, Helle, Delphi
  • Sensors: Pepperl&Fuchs, TycoElectronics, Leica
  • Entertainment and navigation: Hamann-Becker, Bosch, Sennheiser, P3-Group
  • Biomedical: Roche, Sirona
  • Integrated circuits: Atmel, Texas Instruments, Infineon
  • High frequencies measurement: Agilent, Rhode&Schwarz
  • Radio frequencies components: Epcos, KVG, Vishay
  • Telecommunication: Power Plus Communication, T-Online, TZ-Mobile, Vodafone
  • Public service: ZDF, the Armed Forces, vocational schools

R&D in our Department