Our courses of study

The Department of Information Technology offers:

  • three undergraduate programmes (plus an interdepartamental programme)
  • one graduate programme

All degree courses are in concordance with the respective ministerial guidelines. They have been evaluated and successfully accredited by independent agencies, and regularly undergo reaccreditation processes.

Bachelor studies

All our undergraduate degree courses share the same background: Mathematics and Physics (both technically oriented), Electrical Engineering and Electronics as well as Microcomputers and Programming – the very core of Engineering.

Based on this common ground, the different courses of study can be chosen depending on your individual areas of interest: professional construction of complex circuits, programming the newest signal processors, or the application of it all to the field of healing and quality of life.

Master studies

The Master of Science in Information Technology is on a par with any Master degree from a German Technical University, the only difference being its clear application-oriented character.

This opens the doors to the labour market and at the same time qualifies to start a PhD and, in compliance with its accreditation, also allows you to pursue a career on the higher levels in the public sector.


How can I apply?