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Our award-winning concept

Start: March

Enroll in a bachelor's programme at our faculty/department:

  • Information Technology/Electronics (IEB)
  • Computer Engineering (TIB)

In the summer semester, you will study the basics of engineering:

  • Mathematics 1
  • Physics 1

and another course of your choice:

  • Electrical engineering 1
  • Digital technology 1
  • Practical Computer Science 1

You will complete the last two courses in the winter semester (and potentially one more subject).

You will receive support from tutors for all courses.

Personalized guidance and support from the very beginning and throughout the entire duration of the programme, which includes:

  • Student tutors and supervisors
  • Regular consultations with faculty members
  • Virtual Reality as a didactic component in the Virtual Engineering Competence Center

"Study and Work in Germany" - strategy training for non-native speakers:

  • Core competencies for study success (technical terminology in technology fields and the natural sciences, preparation for lectures and examinations, working scientifically, presentation and discussion techniques, etc.)
  • Intercultural training (teaching and learning culture at German universities, basics of intercultural communication in an academic context, etc.)
  • Key competencies for your career (e. g. introduction to German corporate culture, work environment, economy, job application training and career entry, projects, customer contact, etc.)

External activities, such as:

  • Excursions
  • Introduction to and contact with companies in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region

During the summer semester break:

  • Supervised internship at a regional company (6-8 weeks) with guidance and support during application.

In the winter semester:

  • Interdisciplinary project  kompass

Before the end of the programme:

  • Support with choosing your study programme and application

After your diverse experiences and a period of reflection, during which we accompany you, you will have various options to choose from:

1. Continue your studies and start seamlessly with full recognition of your achievements with the 2nd semester in one of our degree programmes:

  • Information Technology/Electronics
  • Computer Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Mechatronics

You could then also join the next generation of student tutors.

2. You could switch to a related study programme in or outside the Hochschule Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, e.g.:

  • Electrical Engineering (Automation or Power Engineering)
  • Computer Science
  • Mechanical Engineering

We will support you in applying for admission and in the recognition of your academic achievements (the host faculty or department will make the final decision).

3. You will continue on a different path. For example, if you decide not to study at a university and opt for vocational training, we will support you in beginning your new path.

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What is special about "ES+"?

  • No "pre-semester", no extra year before the start of the study programme. Before beginning you have actually already started!
  • You will study together with other international students as well as with those students who have grown up in Germany. This provides for smooth integration into your new academic and social environment.
  • You will immerse yourself in the real world of "German Engineering" through personal experience (Virtual Engineering Center, interdisciplinary project, industrial internship).
  • You will get to know the business world in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. We will help you to gain a foothold, which will open doors for you (study financing, easier search for internships and theses, all the way to starting your career).
  • During this orientation phase, you can discover your own interests and then decide what you really want to study - usually without loosing time because your academic achievements will be recognized.

What else does "ES+" have to offer?

  • Are you required to pay tuition fees? In this case, we only charge half the fee per semester. This reduces your financial burden considerably.
  • Special services for international students (e. g. search for accommodations) are included.
  • Additional courses and activities are offered free of charge to the programme participants.
  • Lecturers and more senior students will guide and support you for more than a year from the moment of your arrival.
  • Everything leads to academic success - here and everywhere. With the knowledge and skills you have acquired, you will be able to master your future career without any problems.
  • Only one additional semester for so many advantages!