How to apply

The application process for Master’s courses at Hochschule Mannheim occurs directly in the respective department, not in the central Admission Office.

Our Department processes all applications individually. You may apply if you meet the admission requirements. We recommend that you first clarify any doubts before filling out the application form and submitting you documents.

Please consult the FAQ section for any questions you may have. Do not hesitate to refer to the Coordination Office for further information.

The selection of the candidates is carried out by professors and scientific staff of the department. They will position and then shortlist all eligible candidates. The vacancies will be allocated in accordance with the respective position on that ranking.

Admission requirements

  1. Graduation degree (Bachelor or equivalent) with:

    • minimum 210 Credits (ECTS) and
    • independently written final thesis of scientific content (min. 3 months)

  2. The degree must be completed in one of the following subject areas: Telecommunications, Electronics, Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and some areas of Electrical Engineering.

  3. Your average score must at least be 2,5 in accordance with the German grade system. International grades following a different system will be converted accordingly.

The fulfilment of these first three prerequisites qualifies you for the selection process, but does not automatically result in your admission to the programme.

Foreign candidates must have sufficient command of the German language (read more on the page corresponding to your specific graduation).

Please make sure you comply with our specific application procedures and the respective deadlines regarding your place of graduation.

Application procedure

Valid for all candidates (for further information depending on the place of graduation see below):

  • No online or paper-based application, only electronic documents via e-mail by way of our Coordination Office
  • Documents issued in German, English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese need not be translated. For other languages please ask.
  • The respective deadlines must be respected in any case. Otherwise, the application will not come into consideration.
  • Input confirmation can be expected within approx. one week, unless the coordinator is out of office – then you will get an automatic response. If none of both is the case, please ask.

Where did you obtain your previous degree?


Graduates from EU Universities:Graduates from non-EU Universities:
15th July for the winter semester (September)15th May for the winter semester (September)
15th January for the summer semester (March)15th November for the summer semester (March)