Degree holders from partner institutions

Does your home institution have a cooperation agreement with our Department?


The main criteria are:

  • Graduation degree (Dipl.-Ing, BSc or BEng) with minimum 210 CR (ECTS)
  • Final Bachelor thesis (min. 3 months)
  • Suitable field of studies (to be checked individually)
  • Final score ≤ 2,5
  • Minimum command of German: B1 level (certified)

The contents of your previous studies must have enabled enable you to do our Master’s course.

The practical feasibility of the Master studies must be ensured (e.g. financially) and is subject to proof by the German Authorities to issue a student visa.

Double-degree-seeking applicantss

Especially if you pursue a Master double-degree (agreements to this effect exist with UTFPR Curitiba, ESIGELEC Rouen, and UPM Madrid), your application will need to be approved by your home institution.

Application procedure

If you are close to finishing your graduate studies, please bear in mind our semester start when scheduling your oral defence, since the final results will need to be handed in and you will have to move to Mannheim before the Master courses begin.

Please send your application (form and all documents required as described on page 3 of the form) to our Coordination Office in due time.

Input confirmation can be expected within approx. one week, unless the coordinator is out of office – then you will get an automatic response. If none of both is the case, please ask.

Deadlines for EU Universities:

  • 15th July for the winter semester (September)
  • 15th January for the summer semester (March)

Deadlines for non-EU institutions:

  • 15th May for the winter semester (September)
  • 15th November for the summer semester (March)

Due to the tight housing situation and the high number of applicants, we strongly recommend that EU candidates submit their applications by the early deadlines (15th May for winter semester / 15th November for summer semester).

We recommend you to submit your personal applicant profile as well.


The fulfilment of the prerequisites qualifies you for the selection process, but does not automatically result in your admission to the programme.

Applications handed in incomplete and/or after the deadline will not come into consideration.