Personal applicant profile

Please provide answers to the following questions when getting in touch with us, either attached to your application or in preparation for applying later. The resulting profile will allow us to offer personal guidance to you.

You can simply copy & paste the this interview straight into the e-mail text body or into a separate text document apart and then answer to the questions which apply for to your case. You can, of course, add any further information of relevance for to your application.

Please send the completed interview to theCoordination Office. There you will also be informed of the further steps of your application, and questions you might have will be answered.

Thank you in advance for participating!

Our questionnaire

  • Which semester (winter or summer, year) do you want to apply for?
  • Which two focus areas would you like to apply for?
  • What is your particular field of interest?
  • Where did you study (university, country), and when (from-to)?
  • What kind of degree do you hold / will you be awarded?
  • What was your average score in the grading system of your country (including / excluding your thesis)?
  • Where (institution/company) did you write your thesis? What was its subject?
  • If you have not finished your studies yet, by which date will you obtain your degree?
  • If you have already finished your studies, what is your current occupation?
  • If you come from one of our partner universities: did your home university help in drawing your attention to our MSc programme?
  • If you come from any other university abroad: how was your attention drawn to our MSc programme?
  • How good is your command of the German language?
  • If you are already in Germany now, what is your status and what is the purpose of your stay?
  • In case of admission, how would you cover the expenses for your studies and your stay over the length of the programme?