German language courses

The German language programme at Hochschule Mannheim is an additional offer for registered students. Signing up and attendance are mandatory.

At the beginning of their studies, international students take a placement test (written and oral) in order to determine their German level and choose the group which best suits their needs.

Class sizes are small, and the language instructors are highly qualified.

German Language Programme

Intensive course

60 units (= 45 min ea.)


120 units

Complementary course I

50-60 units


90 units

Complementary course II

50-60 units
Intensifying B2

DSH Preparatory course

90 units

DSH Intensive course

60 units
Exam training

DSH exam

Exam authority:
University of Mannheim

For more details, please refer to Course description

Below you can read some sample texts for a self-assessment of your language proficiency.

The extent and kind of difficulties you have in understanding the text determines whether you simply need to improve your language skills or require thorough training.

Sample texts