From your Master studies to your profession

Where do our Master graduates work? (Click on image)

Over the past few years, Information Technology has gained access to industrial processes and most areas of our everyday life, which is why a large number of well-trained specialists are needed. The scope of professional fields where engineers of Information Technology can find work is accordingly high.


Even in the years of employment reduction, practically all our Master graduates obtained successful positions in enterprises or research institutes with opportunities for both German and non-German MSc graduates.

How do I get prepared for professional life in the Master’s course?

Professional profile

Common places of employment for MSc graduates in industry are in the fields of Research + Development or in the Conception, Planning and Project Management of plants and systems.

MSc degree holders with a good or even excellent final certificate also have the option to do their dissertation for the PhD Degree; about 12% of our graduates have so far been able to achieve this. Consequently, they will find themselves in leading positions both in industry and in the civil service even faster.

What do I do as an MSc graduate in Information Technology?


Professional career

MSc graduates in Information Technology find interesting jobs in industry, in research institutions and in universities. Their main fields of activity can be found in:

  • Research and Development (R&D)
  • Conception and Planning
  • Consulting
  • Doctorate at a university
  • Teaching (vocational schools, universities)

In which fields can I start my professional career as an MSc graduate?