Orientation to the labour market

In professional life, factors other than specialization, such as interdisciplinary abilities in international work teams play an important role.

Our Master’s course in Information Technology reflects the practicability that is characteristic of Universities of Applied Sciences. Many of the study modules have a considerable lab component. Practical projects - both individual and in a team – and discussions among experts are already possible during the theory semesters.

Motivated professors and lecturers from industry continuously provide new up-to-date courses with immediately applicable contents.

The Master thesis is prepared by 40% of all students in the institutes of the Information Technology Department within the framework of an R&D project, mostly in cooperation with industry and research institutes.

Due to the international character of the course, the set-up of work teams in the laboratories is often very multicultural.

When the graduate takes up a professional position, the training period can be considerably reduced due to the practical orientation of the course, with positive consequences for the employer regarding efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Because of this specific orientation to the labour market, the programme was awarded the quality label 'Top 10 International Master’s Degree courses made in Germany'.

From the professional career it follows how equal the opportunities are for both German and non-German MSc graduates, and at which extent the professional horizons broaden thanks to our Master’s degree.

Where do our Master’s degree holders work?