Degree structure

  • Due to its practical components, the Master’s course in Information Technology is a full-time study course with compulsory attendance.
  • The standard study period is 3 semesters, extendable up to a maximum of 5 semesters.
  • Part-time studies are possible for working students.
  • The programme includes intensive language training in German for foreign students, which runs parallel to the technical subjects.
  • Despite the short duration, a semester abroad is possible, especially within the framework of our double-degree cooperations.

The Master programme is structured as follows:

  • 2 theoretical academic semesters and
  • 1 project semester for the Master Thesis (to be conducted in industry or in the laboratories of the HS Mannheim).
  • Students who do not speak German as their native language are prepared for the compulsory DSH exam in our specifically devised language courses.

The study modules available are currently divided into four focus areas: 

  • Sensor Electronics
  • Embedded Systems
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Biomedical Electronics
  • Biomedical Devices and Computational Methods

In order to determine their further specialization areas, students have to choose two of these modules, which will appear in their Master transcript.

Modules and focus areas

Academic semesters

Students are free to set up their individual timetable (according to the official regulations). While they can consolidate their previous fields of study by choosing two of the four focus areas, the free selection of subjects from the catalogue of electives allows both an intensifying of their knowledge and an acquiring of new skills through reorientation.

It is not allowed to choose study subjects which are equal or very similar to those already passed in the previous studies.

If a student lacks only a few basics in certain subjects, the missing knowledge may be acquired by attending courses in these subjects. Depending on the number of these subjects, it might even be necessary for the student to do a complete extra semester.

Master Thesis

The final assignment within the programme, the Master Thesis, is to be undertaken as a full-time project over a period of 6 months and concludes with a scientific colloquium.

The Master Thesis is your chance to prove that you are able to work successfully on a scientific problem area in the field of Information Engineering within a set timeframe and under guidance, at the same time showing independence in the application of scientific approaches and knowledge in the development of methods and problem-solving strategies.

Language programme

The language programme has been especially established for the international participants in the MSc course in Information Technology and has been customized to their specific needs. Its design is in accordance with the postgraduate course structure. At the beginning of the semester, new international students take an assessment test in order to be placed into the group best suited to their level.

For Master students with little knowledge of German, an extra semester is recommended. During this first semester, the language acquisition is the priority. The attendance to German language courses is combined with selected lectures and laboratory projects.

The German language courses (level 2 or 3) are recognized as electives.

International studies in German