Private accommodation is available in individual apartments, as flat-sharing, or even in families - but these options cannot be organised by Hochschule Mannheim.

Student hostels

The Mannheim Student Union ('Studierendenwerk') runs 20 student hostels and provides accommodation for students of both the University and Hochschule Mannheim (admission to a course of study required). These rooms are mostly furnished single rooms in shared apartments (with shared kitchen and bathroom). The monthly rent including all costs is € 200 - € 280. Further modalities such as one-person or family apartments are available on request.

International students

If you are arriving directly from abroad to start your studies in Mannheim, you are, of course, free to search for accommodation on your own. Nevertheless, we would recommend you rather book a room in a student hostel at least for your first semester to ensure that your accommodation will be ready and available at your arrival. Our International Office will help you with the reservation.

If you are coming for our international Master’s course, the Coordinator will ask you about your accommodation wishes and inform the International Office accordingly.

Private rooms
(an additional service of Mannheim Student Union)