Cost of living

How much does it cost to study in Mannheim?

The Hochschule Mannheim is a state-run university and the studies are free of charge for most students.

But as for Wintersemester 2017/18 non-EU students starting their studies in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg will be charged € 1,500 per semester.

The following expenses are incurred each semester for all students: a contribution to the Student Union ('Studierendenwerkbeitrag', currently € 73.50) and some administration fees (€ 60 + € 5): € 138.50 as a total.

Actual expenses

All in all, you will need roughly € 700-750 € to cover all incurring expenses during your studies in Mannheim.

We recommend that you have about € 1500 at your disposal at the beginning of the semester to cover all the one-time payments which usually come up then (e.g. deposit for your room).

Minimum subsistence level

In order to be issued a student’s visa, non-EU citizens must prove before the German authorities that they can cover their minimum subsistence during their studies: € 8000 per year either from their own means or as funding (e.g. scholarship).

For your orientation regarding the costs to be expected:

Costs for:monthly

(student hostel, all included)

€ 220 - 290
Student’s canteen (lunch Mon-Fri)
Full lunch incl. drink + extras ca. € 4
ca. 80 €
Other groceries, cafeteria, € 150
KHealth insurance for studentsca. € 80
Semester ticket*
(currently € 155 per semester)
ca. € 26
Contribution to Student Union + administration fee
(€ 138.50 per Semester)
ca. € 23
Other (individual):
e.g. Internet, phone, clothing, hygiene, study material...
€ 80 - 150
€ 650 - 800


The student's magazine UNICUM offers a cost-of-living calculator (in German)

DAAD informs about expenses and finance (in English).

* The semester ticket is an exclusive offer to students. It can be used freely within the integrated public-transport system of the Rhine-Neckar region (RNV) and is valid for all forms of public travel, not only for your journeys between the university and your room, but for all trips to the attractive places around Mannheim.

More about the semester ticket (in German)