Career prospects

In order to make the right choice for your studies, a glance into the future is indispensable. What will I do later? How will I get into the labour market?

On the highest levels of excellence

In April 2013, the renowned business magazine 'Wirtschaftswoche' published a ranking of universities based on a poll among 523 Human Resources managers of German companies. They were asked to name universities that offered the best training for practical professional experience. The Hochschule Mannheim is represented with 4 departments on the highest level.

These results confirm the high quality of education which enjoys such an outstanding reputation among students and employers.
Even in critical periods, our graduates find attractive positions both in big corporations and in medium-sized enterprises (which is 99% of all German employers).


Simply the impressive number of prestigious companies – no matter if regionally, nationwide or globally acting – which regularly present themselves
to our students within the framework of professional fairs proves the kudos our Hochschule Mannheim receives as a trainer of future valuable employees.

Firmenkontaktmesse der Hochschule Mannheim am 7. Mai 2013

Opening doors

All degrees issued by the Department of Information Technology enable graduates to pursue professional activities in practically every area, indeed independently of the exact degree the graduate holds.

Biomedical engineers can be employed in the automobile industry as sensor experts, whereas electronic engineers build complex medical equipment or high-tech components for the newest developments. And since our computer engineers can do much more than just programming, they are extremely sought-after in enterprises of all kinds, from heavy-equipment manufacturing to international transport logistics.

Participating companies at CAREER STATION 2016

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