The Department of Information Technology

According to today’s standards, the large field of Electrical Engineering is subdivided into four parts: Information Technology, Microelectronics, Automation, and Power Engineering.

Due to the historical development of Hochschule Mannheim, the areas above have been allocated to two different departments:

  • Information Technology and Microelectronics in the Department of Information Technology
  • Automation and Power Engineering in the Department of Electrical Engineering

The focus areas of our Department correspond to the demands of industry:

  • Electronics and High Frequencies,
  • Digital Signal Processing,
  • Embedded Systems with Digital Technology,
  • Software Technology and High-Speed Networks, 

as well as their applications in Biomedicine.

If you want to become an engineer, you surely enjoy 'building' things and 'making them run': already during your studies, you will have lots of opportunities to participate in projects.

24 professors and approx. 750 students are integrated in the Bachelor‘s degree courses:

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Telecommunications/Electronics
  • Computer Engineering
  • Mechatronics (an interdepartamental course)

and in the Master in Information Technology course.

We not only cultivate contact to firms, both in our region and beyond its borders, but also network international cooperation programmes with numerous universities abroad.

And so it happens that German students have the chance to study together with fellow students from all over the world who come to our Department for an academic exchange or as degree-seeking students, especially to our international, prize-winning Master’s degree course.