What exactly is Information Technology?

Everybody knows what is meant by IT: servers, networks, Internet, Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing, and so on. However, all this does not fully coincide with the term Information Technology, as Information Technology is nowadays not only present in the areas above - it’s simply everywhere.

In each device there is a microcomputer somewhere – even if you cannot see it.

Let’s take for example a smartphone.

There is not only a high-performance microcomputer inside that could fly you to the Moon without any difficulties.

The smartphone also has to access its information somewhere: via radio systems from cellular base stations, from GPS satellites, WiFi Hotspots and Blue Tooth devices - as well as with a host of sensors: for acceleration, barometric pressure, magnetic fields, temperature, luminosity... and of course a camera to take photographs and film videos.

All these devices need to be controlled, set up and read out.

Or let us have a look at a car, maybe one you can buy in 10 years. It not only supports the driver in every possible aspect: avoiding critical situations on the road (ABS, ESC, brake assistant,  microsleep warner, lane and security-distance assistance…), communicating with other vehicles and offering information on the traffic situation; it also finds free parking spaces without searching long and then manoeuvres itself into the space without a scratch. You only have to do the driving yourself.

Oh, and the car virtually never breaks down: robots with 3D object recognition deliver a precise and error-free performance through the control of supersensitive sensors which ensure 100% quality maintenance by allowing of zero defects.

Quite probably you will not need to drive your vehicle to the filling station any more. You just charge it up with electricity from solar or wind energy which your home facility purchases from the cheapest provider at the most convenient time of the day by means of a complicated algorithm.

Read more about this in the Web (in German): Industriegesellschaft 4.0 auf jobguide.de

What are we talking about? Yes: Information Technology.