Women welcome!

Believe it or not, but in the Engineering country par excellence, female engineers are rare.

Out of five students of our Department, only one is a woman. This proportion is surely still too low, but still clearly higher than the national average (8%)

Two good examples:

Biomedical Engineering

Since our Bachelor's degree course in Biotechnical Engineering started in 2008, approximately 40% of the total students have been female, although the studies are in fact a combination of Medicine principles and the other two Bachelor courses (Electronics and Computer Engineering), in which women are underrepresented - without any reason.

Master in Information Technology

Our international Master’s degree course receives approx. 20% female students, most of them from abroad: from relatively nearby countries (Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia) and from overseas (Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Venezuela...) as well as from very different cultures such as China, Indonesia, Iran, or Iraq. This is due to the higher percentage of women studying Engineering Sciences in other countries and is reflected in our student exchange programmes, too.

All our female graduates hold good posts in Germany, in their home country or in a third country. Some extremely brilliant women among them had the opportunity to be part of an Excellence Programme sponsored by the German state of Baden-Württemberg, whereas other hold management functions or are researching for their PhD.

Our Department explicitly encourages women to study and research with us, and we would be glad to welcome significantly more female students in every future intake.


Incentives for women

The only positive aspect of women being outnumbered in the engineering sciences is the interest they arouse in numerous institutions and enterprises. Consequently, various funding and mentoring programmes are available.

Hochschule Mannheim offers an own mentoring programme for female students of our engineering degree courses.

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