Seminar Digital Communications

Prof. Dr.-Ing. S. Feldes


Oral presentation and discussion

The focus of the seminar is on recent developments in digital communication including aspects of digital signal processing, speech processing, image processing, system realization and standardization. Every participant works out a different selected topic, prepares a technical-scientific presentation and presents it in a talk of 20 minutes. The participants select their topic from a list of current topics proposed by the seminar coaches. Proposals of the participants are also welcome. The preparation work is self-contained and may be based on literature research or on a project work done outside the seminar. 

Guidelines for the presentation

  • Duration: 20 minutes plus discussion
  • Language: German or English
  • Visualisation by slides using beamer (and/or overhead-projector)
  • One-page abstract with references (incl. web links) as a hand-out
  • Optional: presentation slides as a hand-out or file on virtual learning environment platform 

General Guidelines:

  • Participation on all seminar sessions is mandatory
  • Active participation in discussion of presentations
  • Individual preparatory meeting with one of the seminar coaches