Undergraduate programmes (Bachelor)

Undergraduate studies at Hochschule Mannheim have a duration of 7 semesters. The first two semesters constitute the basic cycle. The internship usually takes place in the 5th semester.

You must submit all evidences of academic achievement of the first cycle within 4 semesters.  In the event that you do not pass one or more exams in the first cycle, consult your first-cycle advisor. Altogether, all evidences of academic achievement of your studies, including the practical semester and the block seminar, must be completed within 10 semesters.

Biomedical Engineering

Compulsory modules


Compulsory modules

Computer Engineering

Compulsory modules


Compulsory modules (in German)

The current offer of electives is updated every semester, approx. 2 weeks before the semester starts.

Must I register for the exams? And how?

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