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Electives for Bachelor's degree courses

Radio transmission and modulationFM45Herzog
JAVA programmingJAV45Weber
Project on sensors and mechatronicsPSM145Voigt
Windows programmingWIN45Eich

 * Currently available

Special electives for Biomedical Engineering (B.Sc. and M.Sc.)

Ambient Assisted LivingAAL45Jäger
Ultrasound in Biomedical ApplicationsUSM45HegerS213Wed 4+5
Magnetic Resonance ImagingMRI45ZimmerS212Wed 4+5
Service in Biomedical EngineeringSIM22.5NN
Regulatory Fundamentals for Biomedical DevelopersRGM22.5Fink


Medical PhotonicsMP45NiemzS220Mon 4+5
Medical Launch DevelopmentMLD45Cedidi
BioinformaticsBIM45Gumbel, Fak. I
BiometryBMT45Nürnberg, Fak. I
Probability Theory and StatisticsWAS45Fimmel, Fak. I

 * Currently available

MTB students can choose - needing prior approval - any study subject offered by the Faculty of Medicine Mannheim/Heidelberg as an elective.


Some suggestions for combining modules into consistent fields:

1High-speed networks and Internet technologiesVT, SRN, MIN
2Software development and architectureJAV, PMA, SPLM, SRN
3Digital image and signa processingDRS, SPV, FBV
4Embedded and automotive systemsDRS, FBV
5Biomedical engineeringSIM1+2, MRI, ATM
6Sensors and mechatronicsDRS, MS, PSM1
7Broadband information technologyFM, MOB, VT
8MechatronicsMS, PSM

Further electives

Apart from the catalogue of elective subjects, all subjects from the other two non-chosen Bachelor courses can be chosen as electives (needing prior approval).