How to fund yourself during the studies

Finanzierung eng

The easy way is simply if you have enough financial means at your disposal or can rely on your family’s assistance - but not everyone is that lucky.

To earn one’s keep while studying is not only pretty hard but also limited for registered students in terms of time (there is a maximum number of hours allowed per week) and wages (only a certain amount is allowed). It is indispensable to inform yourself about the currently valid regulations, for instance here (in German)

For students coming from outside the European Union, the regulations are even more rigorous: a maximum of 120 days full-time work is allowed (compulsory internships not included). More...

Nevertheless, some possibilities of financial aid do exist. Some of them are only available in situ, that is during the studies:

Mannheim medium-sized enterprise scholarships

This model is an entrepreneurial initiative in cooperation with Hochschule Mannheim and supported by the CCI Rhine-Neckar. Regional medium-sized enterprises sponsor selected students with scholarships to the amount of € 500 per semester. For more information about the firms involved, the scholarships available and the application procedure, visit this page (in German).

Other scholarships

Applying for – and obtaining – a scholarship from your home country to finance your studies in Germany is far more complicated, unless it happens within the framework of international agreements:

Student jobs (HiWi and tutorials)

In our labs we carry out numerous R&D projects, some of them financed. In such a case, student cooperation can be remunerated (so-called ‘HiWi’ jobs). If your academic performance convinces the professor in charge, it is possible to participate in such projects or alternatively to offer tutorials for other students in a determined area.

INTERSTIP Scholarships

INTERSTIP is an exclusive scholarship programme presented by Hochschule Mannheim in order to fund both academic semesters abroad and international students at our University with partial financial aid. More... (in German)


In order to be able to participate in the European scholarship programme Erasmus+, you must by all means have been selected by your home institution.

Baden-Württemberg Scholarships

The German state of Baden-Württemberg offers a limited number of scholarships each year. Beneficiaries are only certain universities selected out of our international cooperations. The application and selection process occurs in each institution after  Hochschule Mannheim informs its partners about the call for scholars.

DAAD Scholarships

Every year, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers numerous study scholarships on its own or in cooperation with national institutions in different countries. The application process usually takes place a long time in advance, so it is highly recommended to inform yourself about deadlines and requirements in time.

In the DAAD data bank you can find comprehensive information about their scholarships and many other opportunities of financial aid.