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Analogue Electronics and Sensors

Labs: Bias circuits for electronics and measurement. Supervision of Bachelor and Master theses. Research projects in the areas of circuits, electronic manufacturing, sensor electronics and simulation.

Development projects in the intersection between Medical Science, technology and industrial implementation.

Cooperation with Mannheim Biomedical Engineering Laboratories, University Clinical Hospital.

Digital Signal Processing

Study subjects and research projects in digital processing of images, video and speech as well as communication technology, including mobile technology.

Digital Technology

Focus: fundamentals of digital technology, programmable logic devices (PLD), digital measurement technology

Development of high performance embedded hard- and software systems for applications with high safety requirements like medical engineering.

Embedded Systems

Lectures and laboratories related to the application and use of embedded processors, Embedded Code Design of real time systems, data capture and processing of sensors and actuators.

Lectures and laboratories related to RF technology for the courses of study Telecommunications/Electronics and Biomedical Engineering

Design processes for integrated analogue and digital circuits, e.g. silicon wafers. This institute is a member of the Multiprojekt-Chip-Gruppe of the Universities of Applied Sciences of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg.

Lectures and laboratories in the areas of Software Engineering and Data Communication, especially focused on programming languages, operative systems, software engineering, databases and computer networks

The field of work of the institute covers classical control systems, both analogue and digital, and Fuzzy Control. Process control and automation also belong to this field.