About the Master’s course of study

The Master’s course in Information Technology has been designed as a full-time study course. A part-time study model is available for employed students.

By choosing two out of four focus areas and combining elective subjects, every student can design their individual profile.

The maximum duration of studies is 5 semesters and should not be exceeded. Deviation from the given schedule needs prior approval.

The total number of Credit Points (CR) required to obtain the Master's degree is 90 CR. The number of credits required for courses attended is at least 60 and should be spread evenly over the two semesters.

The availability of subjects will partly differ between Winter and Summer Semesters due to timetable limitations. The feasibility of the chosen subject combination depends on the availability of the respective subjects according to the timetable of each semester.

The standard study period is 3 semesters and is structured as follows:

  • 2 theoretical academic semesters, extendable to 3 for foreign students, and
  • 1 project semester for the Master Thesis (to be conducted in industry or in the laboratories of Hochschule Mannheim).
  • Students who do not speak German as their native language and have not attended a German school need to fulfil the additional requirement of passing the DSH exam. In preparation for this exam, students attend our specifically devised language courses.

Two specialization areas must be chosen (and will appear on the Master transcript):

  • Sensors
  • Embedded Systems
  • Signal Processing and Telecommunication
  • Biomedical Engineering

Each focus provides 18 CR; in addition, a combination of electives up to 24 CR must be chosen. One written report about a student research project (‘Studienarbeit’) can substitute for an elective (up to 5 CR). The Master thesis module is awarded 30 CR.