Course schedule and focus areas

Here you can find the most relevant information about the Master’s course of study; nevertheless, this abridged version does not replace the official Study and Examination Regulations!

The total number of credit points (CR) required for the successful completion of studies both in compulsory and elective courses is 60 CR. In addition, the Master thesis (written project and oral defence) is credited with 30 points, raising the total to 90 CR.

In the compulsory part of their studies, students can specialize in two of the five focus areas. Then they have to choose their additional electives as required. The individual profile results from combining study subjects.

The study subjects available are currently divided into five focus areas:

  • Sensors
  • Embedded Systems
  • Signal Processing and Telecommunications
  • Biomedical Electronics
  • Biomedical Devices and Computational Methods

Apart from the catalogue of elective subjects, all subjects from the other non-chosen focus areas can be chosen as electives.

One written report about a student research project (‘Studienarbeit’) can substitute for an elective (up to 5 CR).

The elective area 'Leadership Skills' adds the necessary know-how for management positions to the study programme. The elective subjects under the title 'Computer Science' are part of the Master's degree programme offered by the Computer Science Department at Hochschule Mannheim and can be completed with further subjects from the same programme.

The contents and requirements are described in the module handbook (in German and in a short English version).

German as a Foreign Language (either DEU 2 or DEU 3) can also be accredited as an additional elective for foreign students (needs acknowledgement by the Head of Master’s).

All modules in the current semester