All study modules in Winter 17/18

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Examination plans


18:00 - 9:30413:40 - 15:10
29:45 - 11:15515:20 - 16:50
311:30 -13:00 (SS)
12:00 - 13:30 (WS)
617:00 - 18:30

Where can I find my courses?

Compulsory modules according to focus areas

Where and when?

For current information regarding place and time as well as regarding the lecturers, please consult the German version and/or use the printable document.

Biomedical Electronics

Biomedical sensorsBMS46

Medical electronics 2

only winter semester


Project on Biomedical Engineering

only summer semester


Biomedical Devices and Computational Methods


Active implants

only summer semester


Medical Ultrasonics

only winter semester

Project on Biomedical Engineering 2PME246

Special Master Modules

Seminar on digital communications**SNT23
Student projectSTA5
German as a foreign language 2DEU265
German as a foreign language 3DEU365
Computer Science Department
Autonomous mobile roboticsAMR45
Neuronal networksNNW45

 * Currently available   ** Participants must sign up

Special Master modules for Biomedical Engineering