International study programme – for students from Germany and all over the world

The Master's course has been an international programme from the very start, resulting in the acquisition and integration of foreign students into the German learning culture at Hochschule Mannheim on the one hand, and the introduction of German students to an international learning environment on the other. more...


This strong international orientation was awarded the 'Top 10 International Master's Degree Courses made in Germany' quality label as the only study programme in the area of Electrical Engineering nationwide. more...

Internationalization at home

With the switchover from the Diploma degree to the Bachelor degree in Germany, the interest of our own graduates in a Master degree has risen so strongly that the original ratio of 60% foreigners to 40% graduates from German universities is now the other way around (currently approx. 35% international Master students versus 65% graduates from German universities).

This make-up continues to offer good opportunities for an 'internationalisation at home': without having to leave Mannheim, all Master students have the opportunity to prepare for a stay abroad, to improve their foreign-language skills in a ‘language tandem’, or to experience in advance their future globalised professional environment in study and laboratory work groups.

In the past, several internationally composed project teams have received awards for their joint work.

Semester abroad

A study semester or a dissertation abroad is also possible for Master students.

The network of our international partnerships is the most tightly knit in Europe and in Latin America (incl. Brazil). However, cooperations also exist in the Far East and in North America.

Our double-degree agreements offer a very special experience abroad.

Double degrees

In two countries, at two universities, in two languages. A double degree literally opens the door to new worlds, personally and professionally.

Currently, we have double-degree agreements at the Master’s level with our partner universities in:

  • Curitiba (Brazil)
  • Rouen (France)
  • Madrid (Spain)