The 'Master of Science (MSc) in Information Technology' degree

Due to its world-wide recognition, the MSc programme has come to play the key role in the endeavour to internationalize education at higher institutions in Germany (following the Anglo-American system).

The Master programme 'MSc in Information Technology' at Hochschule Mannheim has been accredited in accordance with the respective ministerial guidelines.

From the very beginning, the Master’s degree course was planned as the forerunner for the later academic restructuring, taking into consideration the specific guidelines, such as:

  • clear modularization of lectures
  • ECTS credit point system to recognize the students’ time and effort required
  • Diploma Supplement in English
  • measures for quality control

For this reason, the Master’s course successfully attained its official acknowledgement within the past few years and also confirmed its reaccreditation in 2009 by means of ACQUIN.

After receiving the Master degree, the graduates qualify to start a PhD.

In compliance with its accreditation, the Master Degree also opens up the possibility for the graduate to follow a career on the higher levels in the public sector (remuneration grade of E 13).

In addition to their Master Certificate, graduates receive an official Diploma Supplement in English, which will be useful for international recognition.

If you would like to know more about the job chances for our Master graduates, please refer to Career.