Students from abroad

Studying abroad involves more than just academic performance. You have to cope with a foreign language and culture, deal with unknown social codes of conduct in everyday life and with different manners when getting in touch with lecturers and fellow students, as well as with authorities regarding all official issues or study regulations - besides possible financial distress. All these burdens must be taken seriously.

In most cases the appropriate contact person can help. You can find them both in the International Office and in our Department.

Very important: Should any kind of difficulties occur, do not hesitate to contact the responsible persons and get advice at once, as timely action is usually already half of the solution!

I am new here!

Then do not miss the page for first-year students!

The following issues are specific to international freshmen are the following issues:

  • K7: registration, extension of student visa, etc.
  • Do you maybe need a residence permit?
  • Registration at our International Office: your contact persons in many cases
  • Before you accept any activity against payment, you should be informed about the current regulations.
  • Do you need to pass a language test or are you interested in improving your command of German during your studies?

Checklist for international students (International Office)

Coordinator for international students

In our Department you can find a coordinator for international students.

Primarily responsible for Master students, the coordinator welcomes every student from abroad who has specific questions or problems. She offers advice in many academic and non-academic areas.

Your concern will be treated with the utmost discretion, if desired.

You can visit the coordinator spontaneously. Nonetheless, and in order to offer you the necessary attention, it is recommendable to schedule an appointment, e.g. viae-mail.