First-semester information

The Department is peripherally situated in on the campus.

Campus map

In Building S, lockers are available on the 2nd and 3rd floors, seats to study individually or in groups are on the 1st to 3rd floors, and on the 4rd floor you will find a spacious working room equipped with vending machines for drinks and snacks.

A walk around the campus

The short name for the Department of Information Technology is N (after our former designation 'Nachrichtentechnik', the German word for 'Telecommunications').

Abbreviations are very common, e.g. for the courses of study:

  • IEB (Bachelor Informationstechnik/Elektronik)
  • TIB (Bachelor Technische Informatik)
  • MTB (Bachelor Medizintechnik)
  • NM (Master Informationstechnik)
  • MTM (Master Medizintechnik)

Current timetables


18:00 - 9:30413:40 - 15:10
29:45 - 11:15515:20 - 16:50
311:30 -13:00 (SS)
12:00 - 13:30 (WS)
617:00 - 18:30

Starting into the semester


You must register in person at the Admission Office (except for exchange students, whose registration is provided by the International Office).

After your registration is valid, you will obtain your student card (HS-Card, which is also your smartcard for the canteen, copying machines, computer centre, etc.).

In case you moved after the application process, please remember to indicate your new address when registering

All about Registration (in German)

Exams, registration for the following semester

You need sign up for the exams after the Bachelor's 3rd semester and in the Master's course.

At the end of the semester you must register for the following semester.

Registration for exams and next semester: POS

Semester dates

Residents Office, semester ticket

Are you moving to Mannheim for the your studies? Then you must register as a resident in K7 in downtown Mannheim (Citizen Centre).

Good news! In this case the City of Mannheim will sponsor your first semester ticket. Ask for it at the MVV counter.

Those who are already living in Mannheim cannot benefit from this promotion, but from all advantages of the semester ticket as soon as they have registered with us.

About the semester ticket (in German)

Semester dates


Guide de Mannheim (avec l’autorisation de l’association des étudiants de Mannheim)